11th Grade Theater Trip - Animal Farm

On Thursday March 3, 2022 all 11th grade English courses went to Berlin to watch an adaptation of Orwell´s classic, Animal Farm. The play was put on by American Drama Group and was targeted specifically at students. Unfortunately our year group had not been able to watch A Christmas Carol in 8th grade, so we appreciated this opportunity to watch a play in English.

We were impressed by the way the five actors convincingly portrayed the many beastly protagonists without special costumes, though some students considered the animal noises a distraction from the important themes at the core of the piece. Even students who had not read the book beforehand were able to follow the storyline with ease, thanks to the input we got from our English teachers. Although the plot deals with serious themes like power, corruption, manipulation, and propaganda, the actors managed to make them approachable.

Another remarkable aspect was how the actors used a limited number of props – a few gray cushions and blankets, hats, some rope and metal frames – to visualize a wide range of objects. The metal frames, for instance, transformed from the farmhouse, into a plough, into the windmill, into a vehicle, and back into the farmhouse.

Overall, we are glad we got to enjoy this adapted work.
Anna und Erica (LK 11 Englisch)

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